Outside the Box:

Breaking the Traditional Medical Mold

In order to provide a robust complement of services designed to enhance women's well-being, we offer the following services, which are rarely, if ever, covered by insurance plans. These services are designed to provide you with a full suite of options within the women's health clinic and to allow you to receive personalized services in a single setting.  Each offering has a variety of price points and savings packages.  Each offering is reimbursable through your health savings or flexible spending accounts with an associated receipt. Every visit with our clinic is preceded by refreshment, and every dreaded pelvic exam is followed by a complementary sauna or light therapy session. We want you to enter your encounters relaxed and to leave our doors restored and rejuvenated. 

Red Light

Enhance your health with the most optimized light therapy available. We utilize a proprietary, FDA-approved full-body light-therapy system that provides unparalleled results for skin appearance, mental well-being, muscle recovery, inflammatory responses, sexual and thyroid functioning, fat loss, sleep optimization and overall performance.



Infrared Sauna use is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. We utilize a dry-heat sauna with an infrared light source that penetrates tissue and detoxifies at the cellular level. Infrared sauna use enhances detoxification, relaxation, mental clarity, weight loss, cellular function, pain relief, and circulation. It hastens wound healing, purifies the skin, and reduces blood pressure.



We are delighted to be the first practice in the state of Washington to offer the use of the Emsella chair for the treatment of stress, urge, and mixed incontinence and to improve vaginal tone and enhance sexual functioning. This non-invasive option does not require you to remove your clothes. One 28-minute session provides more stimulation and responsivity than your pelvic floor may have ever had.


Our Patients Love Our Extra Service Options!

Being able to relax in the sauna after my appointment was heavenly. I felt the benefits of this therapy throughout the remainder of the day and will definitely be back for more!

Allysen, chronic pelvic pain patient