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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist

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the complete self: the most personal care for all of your parts, all of the time

This is primary care reimagined.  There is no care anywhere in the world like the primary care that we offer. We strive to provide each patient with an individually tailored whole person care experience. We truly understand the personal nature of the care we provide & we are committed to meeting the needs of each woman we serve. We will approach each encounter as a unique experience & each woman as a complex human being with her own unique array of needs, not as a number. We would like to offer each woman as much time as she needs to address her concerns & we will always maintain a practice size that promotes our commitment to each individual. We are committed to a practice model that feels more like a friendship & functions as a partnership in which optimizing your health, function, & the life you have to live is the common goal. Our membership-based Primary Care Model is necessary to allow us to provide women with truly individualized, integrative care. Our Primary Care patients have 24/7 access to their provider for medical concerns, no matter where they are in the world. Take us on vacation with you & call when you have a sore throat.  Forgot to pack your medication?  We are a call away.  We offer video visits for your convenience because we understand that your daily life has enough hassles. Every treatment provided in our office will always be provided by a medical provider and will not be delegated to a technician or other para-health/beauty professional. This ensures that your comprehensive clinical picture is being taken into consideration & that you are receiving the most appropriate & complete treatment for your particular concern. We do not put band-aids on problems. We explore underlying causes & treat the symptoms along with the actual source of the concern.

it's not costco! Why the membership?

The Complete Self Membership is a concierge medicine membership that offers its members complete primary care services & gynecologic specialty services with the Chinn GYN practice. Primary care services with Chinn GYN are unique in that they are not rushed and are integrated with your reproductive & gynecologic concerns, the way we believe all women's healthcare should be. This is a personal membership that allows you to connect to care when you need it, with providers you will always know & recognize & who will also know you exceptionally well, in a manner that is truly designed to incorporate your needs. The membership fee allows us to limit our primary care practice size, decrease wait times, increase the personal nature of the care provided, & focus on meeting each & every one of your healthcare needs. Each concierge member receives access to the concierge telephone line, which allows them 24/7 access to their provider for any medical concerns. The discounted annual rate covers the 12-month period from the date of purchase. A monthly payment option is also available to suit your needs (inquire with Lexx). Membership fees are eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement. Ask us about the many other benefits!

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outside the box: breaking the traditional medical mold

Click a picture below to learn more about our complete complement of care offerings.  All treatments offered in our office are performed by your medical provider.  In order to provide a robust complement of services designed to enhance women's well-being, we offer the following services, which are rarely, if ever, covered by insurance plans. These services are designed to provide you with a full suite of options within the women's health clinic & to allow you to receive personalized services in a single, familiar setting. Each offering has a variety of price points & savings packages. Every medical visit with our clinic is preceded by refreshment, & every dreaded pelvic exam is followed by a complementary sauna or light therapy session. We want you to enter your encounters relaxed & to leave our doors restored and fully rejuvenated.


weight loss

Intensive, Medically-Supervised Weight Management

You Mean I'm Not Stupid, Fat or Lazy?!

Many women have struggled for years with their weight, either embarking on yo-yo diet plans that are unsustainable or restricting themselves to the point of misery. We offer intensive, medically supervised weight management services that will revolutionize your relationship with your body & your food. Add Emerald laser for targeted fat reduction & metabolic recalibration.

Laser hair Removal

Hair Removal

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't really fuzzy, was he? Our  hair reduction services can make your fuzzy not so wuzzy or your wuzzy not so fuzzy, whichever you prefer. Reclaim the hours of your life spent tweezing, sugaring, plucking, waxing & shaving wherever it is you do those things. If you're struggling with hair loss, our comprehensive evaluation will address the underlying problem to correct your concerns.
Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to cause muscular contraction & improve muscle definition as well as strength & integrity.  Got an abdominal gap from carrying that baby?  We can fix it! Got back pain from a weak core that is limiting your function? We can fix it! This is not fat sucking, melting or freezing, but it results in fat loss because your body will be insanely working out. Wherever you want more strength & tone, we've got you.



We are delighted to be the first practice in the state of Washington to offer you this service performed by the same provider who can identify and treat all underlying causes of skin concerns. We love to pair this incredible treatment with other adjustments to your lifestyle or your medications to ensure that you truly do find yourself with the best skin of your life!

Acute & Chronic Conditions & Concerns

Whether you're struggling with inflammation that is affecting you anywhere in your body, experiencing bowel disruption, having difficulty figuring out how to manage your weight, unsure what your body needs (or doesn't need) to fuel it, or dealing with a known problem resulting from allergies, your hormones, your thyroid function, or complex disease states like lupus or diabetes, we are devoted to assisting you in exploring the sources of your concerns & addressing them in a personalized fashion to optimize your relationships with everything you ingest & to tailor management of your chronic concerns to your specific needs.
LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy

Enhance your health with the most optimized light therapy available. We utilize clinical-grade LED red, blue or infrared units that provide unparalleled results for skin appearance, mental well-being, muscle recovery, inflammatory responses, sexual & thyroid functioning, fat loss, sleep optimization & overall performance.


The Skin You're In

We offer skin care services in a unique setting that allows us not only to address your cosmetic concerns & resolve things like pigment problems, wrinkles, acne & rosacea but also to investigate & treat any conditions that may be causing your skin problems in the first place. This allows a holistic approach & may involve laboratory testing, medications, skincare recommendations, supplements, biopsies, or preventive measures to reduce complications related to your particular concern. We address your skin as the unique but interconnected body system it is.
Preventive Care

A Preventive Partnership

From checking your blood pressure to preventing heart disease & managing all the possible hiccups along the way, we offer a complete complement of women's care services that approaches your wellness from a holistic perspective that is designed to allow you to truly live your best life.  Wondering what you can do? We've got answers for you! Wondering whether something is wrong? We will walk the path of evaluation with you! Wondering if something needs to change? We will work with you to tailor a personalized plan that addresses your internal, external, mental, physical & spiritual well-being as an inter-connected state in order to promote longlasting health in the context of your life.

Pain Management

The Pain Game 

We know that women are notoriously dismissed when they articulate concerns about their pain. We know that many women suffering with chronic pain, from joint or muscular discomfort to migraine headaches to pelvic pain & everything between, have been told things like they just have to learn to live with it or that it is in their heads. We are devoted to working with women not just to manage & reduce the pain they are experiencing but to discover the root cause of the pain & treat its true source with a variety of approaches that may or may not include medication, depending on your circumstance.
Infrared Sauna

FAR Infrared Sauna​

Infrared Sauna use is an effective tool for natural healing & prevention. We utilize a dry-heat sauna with an infrared light source that penetrates tissue & detoxifies at the cellular level. Infrared sauna use enhances detoxification, relaxation, mental clarity, weight loss, cellular function, pain relief, & circulation. It hastens wound healing, purifies the skin, & reduces blood pressure.



Our providers have personally curated and hand-selected a variety of different personal care, skin care, and intimate use products & garments that are both non-toxic and top-of-the-line options that they endorse for use on your skin, on your genital tissues, inside your body (tampons, menstrual cups, pelvic floor exercisers), & in the therapeutic management of a presenting concern (pain patches, UTI prevention).  We carry the Epionce line of skincare, which we wholeheartedly endorse for its no-tox composition & remarkable ability to keep everyone in our office looking 26 years old.

Substance Treatment

Intensive, Medically Managed Addiction Treatment

Skip the rehab, find relief. Many women have struggled through multiple attempts to release themselves from the chains of addiction--to substances, people, behaviors--only to find themselves circling back to the same situation, filled with guilt, shame, a sense of deep & penetrating failure. We offer addiction treatment services tailored specifically to your needs, in your REAL LIFE, that will sustainably address the underlying biological problem that keeps you coming back for more. This is not a 28-day fix. This is a lifetime resolution.

Hair Loss

Scalp & Hair Health

A variety of medical conditions can result in thinning or loss of hair, causing many women to seek treatments that address the hair alone, as if the hair is the problem.  Our approach to hair & scalp health is the same as our approach to any other concern: individually tailored & designed to identify & correct the underlying problem to prevent further damage rather than treat the symptoms alone in hopes that they don't get worse. We offer holistic, comprehensive evaluation & a cadre of treatment options, none of which involves needles.  
Transgender health

Gender-Affirming Care

Whoever you are & however you identify, we are here for you.  If you have begun a journey of transition or are questioning your birth-assigned gender, we will support you medically, physically & emotionally through developing a plan that allows you to fully embrace the person you are in the body you have. Dr. Chinn & Morghan are well-versed in transgender care & are thrilled to offer person-centered care in a discrete, judgment-free setting. 
Eating Disorder

Intensive, Medical Management of Body Dysmorphia

We live in a world that makes it hard to be comfortable in our bodies & our skin, which can result in a number of different disordered approaches to life & to one's physical being.  We offer an intensive program for the treatment of disordered eating & disrupted body image in all its many manifestations.  As opposed to residential intervention, this approach integrates treatment into the same daily life that created the challenge in the first place.
Spider veins

Veins Aren't Vain

While many vein conditions are distressing from a cosmetic perspective, they are often indicative of an underlying disorder.  We offer integrated & thorough treatment options for vein concerns that addresses not just the aesthetic appearance of the veins but also the underlying causes of prominent vessels.  We do not address your cosmetic concerns without also providing complete care of your vascular system to ensure it is operating optimally & prevent further deterioration.  Vein problems are always more than skin deep.