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Chinn GYN, LLC

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best gynecologist
best gynecologist

Procedures to Evaluate & Ensure the Health of Your Cervix

We know that pain, pelvic concerns, abnormal pap findings, & bleeding issues are scary enough by themselves.  Add to it the fear of the discomfort, inconvenience, cost & unsettling interaction with new staff & providers that is often required to have a thorough evaluation in order to determine & treat the source of the problem.  We try to offer as many diagnostic options & treatments in the office as possible, because we know it matters that you have our familiar, all-female staff, that your procedures be scheduled at your convenience & that you receive totally transparent & minimized cost.

Your comfort is of utmost concern.  We pay particular attention to minimizing discomfort during all procedures, & we may have you schedule your procedure at a later time in order to allow for pre-medication prior to your procedure, depending on its nature.  If you have an abnormal pap result or unsettling discharge, we know you will be worried, & we will schedule your appointment as soon as possible for additional evaluation & treatment.

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In-Office Procedures

We perform the following procedures in the office in order to serve you best.



Following an abnormal pap result, it is important that we evaluate your cervix to assess whether the results warrants a biopsy of the cervical tissue.  A colposcopy feels like a pap smear & involves the provider using a telescope-like instrument (that stays outside your body) to evaluate the surface of the cervix.  Your cervix will be assessed for concerning cells & a biopsy may be taken to determine the need for further intervention or monitoring.


REMOVAL OF SMALL CERVICAL GROWTHS  Occasionally, women can grow polyps inside their cervixes that get bumped with intercourse & begin to bleed.  They can also randomly bleed because they are fed by lots of small blood vessels.  These cervical polyps can be identified & easily removed in the office.

Loop Electrocautery Excisional Procedure

ELIMINATION OF ABNORMAL CELLS   If you have a colposcopy with a cervical biopsy & the results indicate that you are at high probability of developing cervical cancer, Dr. Chinn can perform a quick procedure after numbing your cervix to ensure removal of all affected cells.  This procedure removes a small piece of the outermost cervix & is done to ensure that you do not develop cervical cancer.

Cervical Cryotherapy

FREEZING CELLS At times, women can develop small areas of cells that are abnormal or genital warts directly on their cervixes.  If they do not wish to have them excised directly, we can perform a procedure using liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesions, which we would then monitor to ensure there was no progressive or concerning change.

Cone Biopsy

MORE IN-DEPTH EXCISION If you have a colposcopy with a cervical biopsy & the results indicate that you are at very high likelihood of developing cervical cancer & you are done having children, Dr. Chinn can perform a cone biopsy to remove a larger piece of your cervix, including parts of the cervical canal, to ensure that you do not develop cervical cancer.

Evaluation & Treatment of Cervicitis

WHAT IS COMING OUT OF ME? While most women know that they can acquire vaginal infections, few know that they can develop cervical infections.  We can readily evaluate for cervical infections, called cervicitis, by evaluating cervical cells under a microscope & treat for infection that same day. Cervicitis can cause unusual discharge, pain, and/or abnormal bleeding & can be identified & treated with this quick procedure that feels like a pap smear.