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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist

Targeted reduction,

Systemic change.

We have long-resisted treatments that reduce peripheral fat tissue because they are destructive, & we know that treatments that kill fat cells cause systemic harm.  We are committed to first doing no harm in all arenas of healthcare, & we are committed to next doing good.  Finally, there is a treatment that allows us to offer targeted fat reduction as a service that fits that bill.   The Emerald laser is a 532nm laser with 10 distinct diodes that emits cold laser beams (meaning: they do not have thermal energy & are not painful) specifically designed not to harm the fat cells but to allow them to open & release their contents into the interstitial space, effectively liquefying stored fat & making it immediately available for the body to use as energy.  This process results in volume decrease in desired areas but also leads to systemic circumferential reduction, as the remaining (now healthy) fat cells begin to send different signals to the body's other fat cells, encouraging them to behave similarly.  This mechanism helps diminish dysfunction in the fat cells, improving cholesterol results & decreasing insulin resistance while also recalibrating the body's energy storage processes.  It's not just an aesthetic treatment--it's a metabolic treatment with long-lasting (& life-saving)  effects! 

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Shed where it matters!

Most clients who undergo the Emerald™ process focus on their waist, thighs & hips, but it can also be used on other problem areas such as the arms, neck, ankles, chest & back , as it is cleared to treat the overall body.

The treatment is straight forward with no side-effects & lasts only 30 minutes. 

Results that Matter

Since the Emerald laser™ helps you lose actual fat & not water weight, results are permanent as long as you stick to a neutral diet after the treatments. Combining the treatment protocol with a dietary approach that is specifically tailored to your metabolic needs optimizes your outcome & puts you on track to reduce your health risks, improve your function & enhance your longevity. 

One treatment package includes a full treatment protocol for a single targeted area. Ask us about combination treatments & how you can achieve & maintain amazing results everywhere on your body! 

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