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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist

Perfect form,

Powerful Function

Age, child-bearing, injury, medical conditions or times in our lives that have rendered us more sedentary can all take a toll on our bodies' muscular composition and our strength.  Despite our best efforts, the effects of intentional exercise can often be limited.  Despite diligent dedication, we can frequently be frustrated by our outcomes, both from an aesthetic perspective (WHY CAN'T I EVER GET A SIX-PACK?!) and from a functional perspective (WHY HAS MY LIFTING PLATEAUED?!).  A fantastic therapeutic option that improves both form by visibly toning and building muscle and function by impossibly enhancing the strength of specific muscle groups is high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, which can presently be used to target biceps & triceps, abdominal musculature, glutes, and calves.  A single treatment causes your body to contract inhumanly, such that it is the equivalent of 20,000 reps of an exercise in a period of 20 minutes.  A series of treatments is recommended to optimize the effect, and your musculature continues to strengthen and build for a full six months following treatment completion.  This treatment option not only increases muscular tone and strength but also diminishes fat not as a function of melting, freezing or sucking out the fat but as a direct function of the work that your body is doing to active engage and exercise its muscles.  Most women see a 20% decrease in body fat following treatment completion with Emsculpt Classic.  This therapeutic option has the capacity to get you back to the activities you love, performing better in those activities, and achieving a base level of physical fitness and prowess that far exceeds anything that could be attained in a gym setting.   This therapeutic option has huge implications for anyone suffering from a condition, including age, that weakens muscular strength or integrity and will directly prevent injury, falls & frustration.

Combine the power of radiofrequency tissue heating with high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to pack a more powerful punch for those areas with greater fat deposition.  The combined treatment, Emsculpt NEO, leads to greater fat reduction & improves muscular gains.

Learn More: Emsculpt Classic

Learn More: Emsculpt NEO

Unleash your Potential!

"This has been a total game changer!  If you have lost muscle mass or experienced muscle separation from pregnancy, this is going to get you back to where you were or better!  My workouts are more effective, my body is truly toned, and my strength is unbelievable!"


Strong as a mother...

...we know you're strong.  We want your body to not be limited by your pregnancy or surgical history or any medical condition.  We want you to be able to achieve all of your physical goals, and we want your body to support you for life.  We recommend a complete medical and physical assessment to ensure that we are maximizing your treatment protocol and helping you achieve all your goals from form to function.  We know that when you finish your treatment, you will be able to engage more completely in every activity you undertake.  

One treatment package includes a full treatment protocol for a single muscle group: arms, abs, buttocks or calves. Ask us about a Chinn GYM Membership and how you can achieve and maintain amazing results everywhere on your body! 

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