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Emsella Incontinence Treatment and Pelvic Floor Rejuvenation

The BTL Emsella Chair is a revolutionary incontinence treatment that is completely non-invasive and allows recipients to remain fully clothed for the duration of their treatments. Aging, genetics, weight gain, childbirth challenges and menopause all contribute to laxity of the pelvic floor muscles.  The FDA-approved Emsella Chair utilizes an innovative electromagnetic technology that targets the pelvic floor muscles, causing thousands of deep contractions per session--more repetitions than could ever be done independently or with years of invasive, directed pelvic floor physical therapy.  The results are remarkable, for both bladder control and sexual function, with 95% of patients reporting significant improvement during their initial treatment course. Dry sneezes and strong orgasms have never been more easily attainable.


I Laughed So Hard the Tears Ran Down My Leg

Chinn GYN providers will work directly with you to tailor a treatment plan to your specific body type, needs, and goals. Whether your days are affected by embarrassing leaks with laughter, or your sexual wellness and intimate experiences are limited by laxity, or you are simply weary of the inconvenience of having to find a toilet RIGHT NOW, Emsella sessions offer unprecedented options for improvement. Schedule your consultation today, and find yourself progressively jumping without leaking, experiencing dry sneezes and laughing, and returning to the activities you've been limiting to avoid leaking. 

Emsella Sessions

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