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We are committed to having office hours that work in real life.  We realize that you are busy & that you are juggling many responsibilities.  We realize that, as a woman, your self-care tends to take a backseat to your other obligations.  The last thing that healthcare should be is hard to access.  We are also in the clinic & available to you on nearly all holidays; we only close for Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.  In order to allow you an array of convenient scheduling options, we offer evening hours, lunchtime hours, and weekend hours.  Additionally, we offer video visits if a physical visit is a barrier.  Events that disrupt our normal office hours will always be listed below.

Monday             11am-7pm
Tuesday            9am-5pm
Wednesday      11am-7pm
Thursday         9am-5pm
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Saturday           9am-1pm

Events & Promotions

Come see what we have up our sleeves in the clinic, find us in the community, and tap into our Live Events on Social Media



Women's Heart Awareness Month

February is women's heart awareness month; whether you knew it or not, your risk for heart disease is likely greater than your risk for breast, ovarian or cervical cancer.  Come to the clinic to find out what you can do to protect yourself from heart disease & heart attacks!



Lover's Promotion

Ask about our 20% off discount for all pelvic & vaginal rejuvenation procedures


Feb 21, 2020



Join Dr. Chinn at 12pm for a Facebook Live Q&A in which she addresses women's heart health and why cardiovascular care is crucial to women's well-being.


Feb 28, 2020


Join Morghan at 12pm for a Facebook Live Q&A in which she addresses the importance of integrating movement into a woman's daily life & why this doesn' t necessarily mean you need a gym membership



Emsculpt Introductory Pricing

Enjoy 25% off treatment packages for the entire month of March.  Tone and strengthen muscle anywhere on your body by yourself or share your abdominal paddle with a partner!


Mar 3, 2020


How did this happen?!

Join Morghan at 12pm for an extra Facebook Live  Q&A on World Birth Defects Day as Morghan addresses the issue of birth defects and their etiology, prevention, identification & treatment.


 Mar 6, 2020


How did that get there??

Join Dr. Chinn at 12pm for a Facebook Live Q&A in which she addresses endometriosis during National Endometriosis Awareness Month.


Mar 13, 2020


Go Ahead & Sleep!

Join Morghan at 12pm for a Facebook Live  Q&A on World Sleep Day during which we addresses the importance of sleep & how to get more of it. 


 Mar 17, 2020

Get Lucky!

Join us in clinic during regular business hours (9-5) to find your pot of gold & collect your prize, which may be a $100 bill, a delicious treat, or a voucher for discounted or free products or services.


 Mar 19, 2020


Spring Clean Up!  Hydrafacial Signature Event

Call to reserve your seat now!  Space is limited & reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.  This event introduces you HydraFacial services, from the Signature treatment to the Platinum treatment & all the personalization options in between.  Each attendee will receive a free mini treatment & have access to event-only packages.


 Mar 20, 2020



Join Dr. Chinn at 12pm for a Facebook Live Q&A on women's livers & how they may be affected by various medical conditions & various behaviors (like that St. Patty's Day drinking...)


 Mar 27, 2020


You are What You Eat

Join Morghan at 12pm for a Facebook Live Q&A on women's nutrition & why it is more important than we think it is.