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We are committed to having office hours that work in real life.  We realize that you are busy & that you are juggling many responsibilities.  We realize that, as a woman, your self-care tends to take a backseat to your other obligations.  The last thing that healthcare should be is hard to access.  We are also in the clinic & available to you on nearly all holidays; we only close for Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.  In order to allow you an array of convenient scheduling options, we offer evening hours, lunchtime hours, and weekend hours.  Additionally, we offer video visits if a physical visit is a barrier.  Events that disrupt our normal office hours will always be listed below.

Monday             11am-7pm
Tuesday            9am-5pm
Wednesday      11am-7pm
Thursday         9am-5pm
Friday                11am-7pm
Saturday           9am-1pm


We are sorry  that we have had to cancel or postpone all in-person events in our clinic because of the covid-19 crisis.  we apologize for the inconveniences we know these changes cause; please understand that our foremost concern always has to be the health of every human who enters our doors.  We will make it up to you!

Events & Promotions

Come see what we have up our sleeves in the clinic, find us in the community, and tap into our Live Events on Social Media




We continue to offer in-clinic appointments for those who desire them as well as video visits for care throughout the country.  We are here if you need us, although we will request you sanitize your hands, not bring visitors, and wear a mask when you arrive for care to protect our community.



Protect Yourself!

Throughout the month of July, purchase any skincare service & receive our favorite Epionce SPF 50 sunscreen FREE!


July 7, 2020

Menstrual What?!

Join Morghan at 12:30pm for a Facebook Live demonstration of the use of different kinds of menstrual cups (& other products).


July 7, 2020

Hormones & Hypertension

Join Morghan at 1pm for a Facebook Live Q&A about the hormones that regulate our blood pressure, how they can become disrupted, how we can regulate them, & what it means for our overall health & well-being.


July 14, 2020

The Other 'Female' Hormone

Join Morghan at 1pm for a Facebook Live Q&A about progesterone & its role in women's bodies.


July 15, 2020

Chinn GYN Turns 1! 

Join your Chinn GYN Team in clinic for a COVID-compliant celebration, complete with festitivies, cake & gifts for you! Thank you for the most fantastic & rewarding year of our lives!


July 18, 2020

Forever 39.

Morghan's last age & best idea for a retail clothing store.  We will be closed today in observation of Morghan's birthday, but you are welcome to call or come in all week to receive 39% off any product or service!


July 20, 2020

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: The Psychology of Women's Health!

Join Morghan at 7:30pm for an interactive workshop regarding women's health & how it is affected by our psychological functioning as well as how the provision of women's health is affected by our collective psychology about females & their bodies.   Attendance is limited & will require pre-registration: see link above.


July 21, 2020

Prostaglandins: What a Pain!

Join Morghan at 1pm for a Facebook Live Q&A about the pain response & the sneaky little substances called prostaglandins.  Learn what they are, what they do & how to manage them.


July 27-Aug 1

Chinn GYN Staff Summer Break

The clinic will be closed to appointments during the final week of July to allow our staff to take a summer break & enjoy the fleeting sunny days of the Pacific Northwest.  We will be checking the phones & the portal & responding daily, &, as always, Dr. Chinn & Morghan remain available 24/7 for all of our Complete Self Primary Care Concierge Members.  Reach out if you need us & we will see you in August!


 June 2020


COVID-19 Updates

Join Morghan at 12pm for Facebook Live Q&A on the current coronavirus pandemic & the impact of COVID-19 in our region.