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Gender-Affirming Care

The majority of medical professionals have had minimal to no training in gender medicine.  We are proud to offer a space for all human beings to explore & become who they are truly meant to be.  Our practice embraces all genders of humans, & our providers have unique experience working with individuals in various phases of transition. Whether you are born male or female, are seeking hormone therapy, desire surgical intervention, would like to pursue another management option for your secondary sexual characteristics or just looking for a safe provider to have a non-judgmental conversation about gender, we are honored to accompany you in your process.

We're All Different Here.

"I am so beyond grateful to have such an amazing provider.  To be able to have someone so knowledgeable, passionate, and welcoming in my court during this journey is truly amazing.  If you're in Western Washington, I couldn't possibly recommend anyone higher than Morghan for all of your GYN and/or Trans* needs."

-Cade, self-made

Becoming Who You Are... truly a journey, & an unprecedented one.  Your identity is as unique as any biologic part of you.  We are here to discuss options, to navigate murky waters, to review risks & benefits, & to initiate treatments as desired. We are not here to guide. We are here to walk beside you as your true being unfolds. This journey is about making small adjustments and finessing them dynamically & in an ongoing manner depending on your particular biological, emotional, psychological, and logistical needs in order to ensure they are the exact right fix and the right fit for you.

Your care will always be about the YOU that only you envision.

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