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Medically Supervised Weight Management

The majority of medical professionals have had minimal to no training in weight management or weight loss medicine.  Most medical providers are under the impression that weight loss is a simple equation and that patients who struggle with their weight have poor self-control or are simply lazy.  We know that none of this is true.  We know that metabolism, weight and body type are complicated issues, and we know that being overweight or obese has implications that extend far beyond what we traditionally think of as health.  We offer personal weight loss management services that are tailored to your individual needs.  This is not a fad diet.  This is not a proprietary supplement, meal program, or expensive product sale. This is not starvation.  This is not shredding, getting ripped, or building a beach body.  This is not a quick-fix. This is an individually crafted protocol that addresses your own needs and goals.  This is weight loss for your real life, for the rest of your life. 

YOU​R Protocol

The secret is there is no secret.  There is not some magical pill or superfood or workout routine that is going to work for everyone.  There IS a regimen that will work for you, and it will require time and effort in our partnership to craft, finesse and discover the right protocol for you.  Weight loss is best achieved and conducted as part of a commitment package because of the consistency that having regularly scheduled encounters requires . Your goals and reasons for seeking assistance are as unique as you are.  Your plan will be crafted to meet only your needs and directed towards your personal goals. We know that there is not a sustainable 30-day fix.  We want to partner with you for the long-haul to ensure that what we create together is both lasting and effective.  No two protocols will be identical.  We ask that you commit to 16 full weeks of weight management with us because we know that weight loss isn't about sudden, sweeping changes. It's about making small adjustments and finessing them depending on your particular biological, emotional, psychological, and logistical needs in order to ensure they are the right fix and the right fit for you.

16 Weeks of Weight Loss

First Things First

Weight Management will begin with an initial 60-minute consultation during which the Provider will review & obtain a comprehensive history & perform a full physical examination. The Provider will order personally tailored baseline laboratory testing, and obtain initial vital statistics for ongoing comparison. The Provider will review in detail any obstacles or medical conditions that require management or treatment before initiating any variant of a weight loss plan. 

Next Steps​

Medication may be prescribed.  Foods may be eliminated or added. Activity changes may be advised.

  A complete and complex weight loss plan will be constructed, which will include an individually tailored assessment of medical status and underlying conditions that may require specific treatments, a thoroughly detailed and personally attainable dietary regimen and activity plan, prescription medications as appropriate, and concrete daily task list.

I Feel So Alone!

You should never feel alone in this process.  We will be there every step of the way, checking in on a personal schedule, which will consist of minimum weekly face-to-face check-ins and more frequent telephonic, electronic, and video visits to touch base and support you. We will frequently review progress and impediments to progress and alter the original plan accordingly. You will be provided with many tools and resources and have access to on-site ancillary services to augment and promote your weight loss.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Your intensive package includes all visits, all variety of frequent check-ins, the development of a comprehensive plan, a consistent program for accountability, frequent tailoring with revision as necessary, tangible resources and tools given to you for home use, and the use of any recommended ancillary services. 

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