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Laser Hair Removal

We all grow hair in places we don't want it.  Some of us shave it.  Some of us pluck it.  Some of us wax it.  Some of us sugar it.  We all dedicate some portion of our days, weeks, and months to managing the hair our genetic heritage or our hormonal states gave us.  Wouldn't it be nice to streamline the hair removal process and take back the minutes, hours, days that you are cumulatively spending out of your life removing hair from various places on your body?  No more razor burn.  No more nicks or cuts.  No more painful waxing.  No more irritation or reactions from the products you are using.  No more razor cartridges.  No more shaving cream.  No more bleaching cream.  No more Nair.  No more wax strips.  No more hair. Period.  Wherever you have hair you would like removed, we've got you covered.  We do not offer treatments for which we cannot guarantee safety, and we do not treat symptoms without also treating their source. For this reason, we do not delegate any treatments provided in our office to anyone other than a medical provider with prescriptive authority and the ability to full evaluate and treat your condition.



Hair Removal

Icon laser hair removal treatments utilize a specific wavelength (yellow or red) of pulsed light to target your specific hair chromophores and eradicate growth right at the follicle, resulting in cumulative reduction of hair growth.  Your treatment will depend on your particular kind of hair and your particular kind of skin.  From the unibrow to the bikini area, we've got you covered.  Any hair, anywhere that you would prefer not exist can now be permanently eliminated. All laser hair removal treatments are performed by the same medical providers who would perform complicated surgical procedures, and the same medical providers who would perform your pap smears. They know what they are doing, and they are the masters of your gynecologic region.  Unlike MedSpa settings, we will never delegate to anyone who is not your provider.  This ensures your safety and optimizes your outcomes.  In partnership with you, we will create a unique medical recipe, which will include complete attention to your skin before, during and after your treatment, that is designed to help you achieve exactly the look you want. 

Laser Hair Removal

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