Chinn GYN, LLC

PhotoBioModulation: Red & Infrared Light Therapy

The improvements in cellular function and energy levels generated by clinical red and infrared light therapy have been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits, including improved skin health,  decreased effects of aging, improved cognitive functioning, decreased inflammatory response, increased collagen production, enhanced muscle recovery, reduced joint pain, fat loss, and improved sleep.



Lighten Up

Our full-body photobiomodulation unit is FDA cleared as a medical device for the treatment of inflammatory conditions and skin concerns.  We are happy to tailor treatment to your particular area of concern, and the frequency of recommended use will depend on your desired outcome.  We offer a vast array of packages and price points to meet our patients' various and unique needs. As with all the medical care we provide, no two treatment plans will look the same, just as none of our patients look the same. Each individual treatment is completed in only 20 minutes, making the integrated use of our red light therapy an easy drop-in option.  We offer extended evening hours, lunchtime hours and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule. Optimal benefits are derived from regular use and our environment is designed to allow you to integrate your therapy seamlessly into your life.