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The Chinn GYN Difference: Health = Care

At Chinn GYN, we believe that health and healing are directly related to the relationship a woman has with her care provider.  We believe that each woman is a unique individual and that each situation requires a novel approach.  We do not believe that all women are equal, and we do not believe in a reductionist style of medicine that views people as conditions. We believe in a truly integrative approach that takes into account the multi-faceted being that you are. We also believe that the healing process begins with sharing your story with other people who care. We seek to redefine the caring aspect of healthcare as it is commonly implemented in America.  We offer our patients service that you simply will not find in other medical practices.  Foremost among the amenities we provide is a model of care that is designed for women, by women, and is applicable to women in all phases and stages of life.  We offer gender-specific primary care services, and we recognize that there is no adequate substitute for dedicated, genuine face-to-face time between patient and provider for discussion of important issues.  We want to reserve sufficient time for your visit.  You will not be rushed.  All your questions will be answered.

We are NOT your Mama's GYNO

  • We know. We are patients, too.  We understand that going to the doctor is the last thing that any of us really wants to do.  It is confusing.  It is inconvenient.  It is often very stressful.  
  • We know. We are women, too.  We understand the uncomfortable thought of taking off our clothes and showing a stranger the parts and pieces we don't usually expose.  We have been in the stirrups.  We have asked the embarrassing questions.  We have each experienced all the weirdness. 

  • We know it can be better.  
  • So we created a new model of care.  We designed our clinic to be unlike any other, because we know those other models fail women. 
  • Our practice is designed with a focus on making quality care accessible and enjoyable.  We are intent on making your annual exam not just less dreadful but also a welcome experience. We know you will have the space you need to be fully seen and heard.
  • We know how often during her life a woman might be treated as a uterus surrounded by undifferentiated tissue. We know there is more to you than your cervix. We know how much it matters to have integrated care that considers all your individual personal parts and all the ways they overlap.
women's health

Your Health

is like an ogre, or an onion, or a beautifully unfolding flower:

full of many layers.

For however many years you have been alive, your health has been affected by the variety of experiences you have had: from the unique genetic code you brought with you into the world, to the biologic events and exposures you have had, to the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and financial experiences you have had over the course of your years since birth: you are a unique and complicated being.

Our goal is not to provide you with a one-size-fits-all solution for any of your concerns.  Our goal is to consider all your layers and to partner with you in a compassionate relationship that promotes your health and healing. 

Our Care

 takes time.

At Chinn GYN, you are not a number. You are a human,

and you have a story to tell.

We can't provide good care without understanding your story, so we want to give you the time and space you need to tell it.

We hope that you will bring us your laughter. It is good medicine, after all.

We hope that you will bring us your tears. It is a part of your process.

We hope that you will feel welcomed with warmth and friendship every time you enter our office.

We promise to treat you exactly as we would our own sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends.

Above all: we hope you find that you are truly seen and heard.


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