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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

best gynecologist
best gynecologist

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the​re's no place like chinn gyn

The magical difference is in more than our fantastic shoes.  There has never been another clinic like Chinn GYN.  We are not just another women's clinic.  We are not just another medical clinic.  We are no longer interested in practicing medicine as it is routinely practiced in America, because we know the system is not only broken but was also built in a way that prevents providers from truly serving patients.  In order to provide you with exceptional care, we cannot continue to do what has always been done. We have had to break the mold and create an innovative system that is inherently designed to allow our providers to take the best care of every woman who walks through our doors.  For some people, our system just makes sense.  For others, it takes a little adjustment, precisely because it is so starkly different from everything they have ever known.

Dr. Chinn

Your Chinn GYN Team

Your Chinn GYN Team will always consist of these friendly, familiar faces.  We don't take residents, trainees, or students.  We don't have temporary provider coverage. We don't have stand-in staff.  These people will always be your people.  If one provider is unavailable, the other will be available for your same-day needs.  If you would rather wait to see your consistent provider, that will always be an option.  You will always have a choice, & we will always prioritize consistency & continuity. You will always know the woman on the other side of the phone, & she will always recognize you.  Your staff will always be all-female.  Because that just makes sense.

Meet the ladies

what's the deal with your office?

Patients often tell us our office doesn't feel like a doctor's office.  From the moment you walk through the door, we are committed to providing you with a more comfortable, woman-centered experience.  Speculums?  We know a woman didn't make those.  Stirrups?  Same.  You'll find no crinkly table paper first, it might feel a little weird.

How we do it better

How about insurance?

Dr. Chinn started Chinn GYN with one goal in mind: to truly serve women. In order to do this, we see a limited number of women each day to give every single one more one-on-one time with her provider. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t value this highly personalized care. We are committed to doing what is right for each woman - without exception and without compromise. We therefore contract directly with you, to serve you, NOT your insurance company.

financial concerns

so, how long Do i have to wait?

To better serve you, we offer extended evening hours, lunchtime hours and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule.  We can generally also accommodate your special scheduling requests and will always make space for same-day urgent needs for our primary care patients.  If you have a particular scheduling need, please be sure to let us know.

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