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Chinn GYN, LLC

Personal Care for Your Personal Parts

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Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures for Pelvic Pain, Period Problems & Weird Bleeding

We know that pain, pelvic concerns, & bleeding issues are scary enough by themselves.  Add to it the fear of the discomfort, inconvenience, cost & unsettling interaction with new staff & providers that is often required to have a thorough evaluation in order to determine the source of the problem, & it's enough to paralyze us all.  We try to offer as many diagnostic options & treatments in the office as possible, because we know it matters that you have our familiar, all-female staff, that your procedures be scheduled at your convenience & that you receive totally transparent & minimized cost.

Your comfort is of utmost concern.  We pay particular attention to minimizing discomfort during all procedures, & we may have you schedule your procedure at a later time in order to allow for pre-medication prior to your procedure, depending on its nature. 

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In-Office Procedures

Dr. Chinn performs the following procedures in the office in order to serve you best.

Minerva Endometrial Ablation


Minerva is a quick, 1-time treatment that removes the lining of your uterus. Minerva is for women who do not wish to become pregnant in the future. After receiving local anesthesia to numb your cervix, Dr. Chinn dilates your cervix & inserts a thin, soft wand through your vaginal opening & into your uterus. The tip of the wand generates light & heat similar to a light bulb. In just 120 seconds, the heat treats the lining of your uterus.


REMOVAL OF SMALL INTRAUTERINE GROWTHS  Dr. Chinn can, using her in-office technology, assess the inside of your uterus to determine whether a small growth, called a polyp, is the source of your discomfort & bleeding.  If it is, she can remove it & biopsy it during the evaluation.  If there is something larger or more concerning, she will have directly visualized it & this will allow her to develop the best surgical approach.

Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy

THE FASTEST ROUTE TO A SOLUTION  Evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding can often require multiple visits & multiple procedures for assessment of the uterine cavity before the underlying cause is identified. Dr. Chinn can perform a quick in-office hysteroscopic evaluation in a single visit that allows her to make a faster & more accurate diagnosis.  After numbing your cervix, Dr. Chinn dilates your cervix & inserts a thin, soft camera into your uterus.  This allows her to evaluate directly the contents of your uterus & take both pictures & directly visualized biopsies as indicated.

Suction Dilatation & Curettage

TOTAL EVACUATION OF UTERINE CONTENTS Suction D&C can be performed when you have a missed miscarriage with a retained pregnancy to prevent infection & ensure you do not have too much bleeding.  It can also be performed when bleeding is heavy to both biopsy the contents of the uterus to determine the source of the bleeding & to eliminate the bleeding.  After numbing your cervix, Dr. Chinn dilates your cervix & inserts a soft, flexible suction catheter into your uterus & uses gentle suction to remove the lining & its contents.

Endometrial Biopsy

QUICK & EASY SAMPLING If you are experiencing bleeding when you shouldn't be, Dr. Chinn can, during your pelvic exam, take a rapid, random sampling of the lining of your uterus to evaluate for concerning cells.


MINIMALLY INVASIVE VISUALIZATION  Dr. Chinn can evaluate your uterine, cervical & ovarian anatomy using a transabdominal &/or transvaginal ultrasound to assist in assessment of the source of your concerns.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Procedures

Dr. Chinn performs the following procedures in an outpatient surgery center because they are more complex & require deeper sedation or general anesthesia.


DIAGNOSTIC & THERAPEUTIC This minimally invasive surgical procedure allows Dr. Chinn to assess the contents of your abdominal & pelvic cavity in ways that imaging cannot.  During this procedure, she evaluates for the source(s) of your pelvic pain, &, when found, removes them.  The surgery occurs through small incisions in your abdomen & does not leave a large scar or require suturing.


REMOVAL OF LARGER INTRAUTERINE GROWTHS  Dr. Chinn can remove fibroid tumors that are growing inside or on the outside of your uterus.  These tumors can grow quite rapidly & can be the source of considerable pain.


WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION  Hysterectomy is a treatment for some causes of pain &/or bleeding when all other treatments have failed or when the source is something that is likely to progress to cancer.  Dr. Chinn prefers a minimally invasive approach to hysterectomy & will always opt for a total laparoscopic approach to minimize your discomfort & to allow her to provide you with optimal pelvic support once your uterus & cervix have been removed.  She performs hysterectomies in such a manner that her patients do not routinely require hospital admission.


WHEN THE SOURCE OF BLEEDING IS BEYOND THE UTERUS Dr. Chinn will use a laparoscopic approach whenever possible to minimize the invasiveness, discomfort & scarring left from removing an ovarian or tubal cyst or one or both ovaries if the source of your bleeding &/or discomfort is a problem with persistent cysts or ovarian in origin.  She always opts for a minimally invasive approach to allow you to go home that day, & she always opts to spare the ovaries unless it is absolutely necessary to remove them.

Lysis of Adhesions

CLEANING OUT THE COBWEBS If, during a laparoscopic evaluation, Dr. Chinn finds adhesions inside your pelvic that could be the source of your pain, she will carefully remove them from your organs.

Excision of Endometriotic Implants

EXCISION OF PAINFUL IMPLANTATIONS  If, during a laparoscopic evaluation, Dr. Chinn finds that endometriosis is deposited throughout your pelvic region & is the likely source of your pain &/or bleeding, she will carefully remove it in an attempt to eliminate your symptoms.