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Comprehensive Women's Care Services

Dr. Chinn provides a comprehensive array of women's healthcare services, including wellness care, problem gynecologic care, & women's minimally invasive surgical services. She offers thorough, complete evaluation & management of all presenting concerns, including options for medical & surgical management. She is dedicated to partnering with each woman to achieve the best possible outcomes for each individual & to craft wellness & treatment plans that are individually tailored & optimized to enhance each woman's health. She approaches each concern as a unique event in the life of a unique woman, & she takes into account all of the individually specific factors that contribute not only to the concern but also to finding the best possible solution. Morghan Milagrosa, ARNP, joins Dr. Chinn in offering specialized women's clinical services, including in-depth fertility analyses, lactation care for breastfeeding women, weight management, & women's mental health services, including care of women with substance use disorders. She shares Dr. Chinn's philosophy and clinical approach in addressing each woman in a holistic context & providing unique, individualized care.

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Women's Wellness

Primary & Preventive Care:

As our bodies age and we enter different phases of life, the things we need to stay healthy and vibrant change. Women's wellness addresses the prevention of problems and the identification of risks to ensure that you are living your best life. These services are designed to be integrative and address your entire being, not just specific parts of your body, and they may include annual exams or other comprehensive physical exams. We are pleased to be able to provide our practice concierge patients with complete primary care services. 

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Specific Problems:

Many diseases, disorders or dissatisfactions with your reproductive parts may arise either spontaneously or from other underlying conditions. Our gynecologic services are available to address any concerns you may have about your vulvar, vaginal, cervical, uterine, ovarian, menstrual or urinary health. A comprehensive listing of all potential concerns is impossible to develop, as each body and each presentation is so distinctly unique.

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Reproductive Care

To Conceive or Not to Conceive:

The desire to embark to prevent or promote pregnancy is a very personal choice for each individual woman, and we recognize that this desire is rarely static. We are here to assist you throughout your reproductive journey and partner with you in whatever decisions you might be faced with at the present moment and as you plan for your future.  However you are faced with decisions regarding your reproduction, we will walk beside you, knowing we are the experts of the biological processes and you are the expert of what is right for you.

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Services

When Things Go Awry:

From menstrual periods that have made life unbearable to precancerous conditions that require management, there are times when the option for surgical intervention is the best option for a woman facing a gynecologic concern. Dr. Chinn has been providing women with specialized surgical services for nearly two decades and offers her skill when appropriate outside the office in the operating room.

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weight loss

Body Image & Weight Management

You Mean I'm Not Stupid, Fat or Lazy?!

Many women have struggled for years with their weight, either embarking on yo-yo diet plans that are unsustainable or restricting themselves to the point of misery.  We offer medical weight management services that will revolutionize your relationship with your body and your food. 

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In-office Procedures

Complete and Thorough:

For a variety of conditions or concerns, additional evaluation, imaging or procedures may be necessary or recommended. We offer a comprehensive array of in-office options for evaluating or managing concerns, including ultrasound services (3-D imaging available), hysteroscopy, colposcopy, abnormal pap procedures, lesion destruction, biopsies, endometrial ablation, and contraceptive options.  We additionally offer radiofrequency and laser procedures to improve skin tone and texture and decrease hair growth. For all in-office procedures, you will have the option of self-administered nitrous oxide to maximize your comfort.

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Lactation & Breast Care

Lovely Lady Lumps:

Morghan Milagrosa is an internationally board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) who offers her expert guidance for breastfeeding women who may be encountering challenges, from painful latches to supply problems. Lactation appointments are comprehensive and involve infant evaluation. Dr. Chinn and Morghan both offer preventive care and problem evaluation for any breast concerns you may have over the course of the many more years you will spend NOT lactating.

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mental health

Mental Health

Mind-Body Connection:

We cannot provide good care to your body or promote your well-being without also taking care of your brain.  While we will always integrate your mental health and well-being into appointments addressing your physical concerns, we know there are times when your mental health will be your primary concern.  As is true for all physical states, mental states will fluctuate and change throughout our lives in direct response to our situations and, often, our medical concerns. We are happy to partner with you to ensure your mental well-being.

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Sexual Health

Let's Get It On:

Nothing shocks us, ladies. We have seen and heard it all. While it may feel taboo to you,we promise you it isn't taboo to us. We can't take care of personal parts without talking about all the things you might do with those parts, and that includes sex. We want you to have satisfying sexual experiences however you want to pursue them. We are here to assist you without judgment with whatever sexual or intimate concerns you might have. 

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Menopause Care

It's Getting Hot in Here!

Menopause is not an isolated event. It is a process, which, even when it occurs naturally, can often cause symptoms that impact your daily life. If you are entering menopausal transition or have gone through menopause and are struggling with the process, from bothersome bleeding patterns to temperature instability to urinary and vaginal changes, we can discuss ways to restore function and a sense of normalcy. 

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Gender Medicine

Identity, Expression, Roles...

Gender is a complicated concept that is only recently getting the attention it deserves.  Women's care is NOT the care of small men.  And the identification of one woman as a woman is NOT the same as any other woman's identification.  We do not ascribe to narrow applications of women's healthcare and are aware of the myriad ways gender definitions may be constraining you. If you have a gender-related concern, please share it with us. 

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The Best Laid Plans:

Sometimes, things don't work the way we hope they will.  Sometimes, what we had envisioned for our lives is harder to attain than we thought it might be. Women today face a higher likelihood of struggling with infertility when they decide to start their families than ever before. If you are among those women having difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term, we offer extensive fertility evaluation and options for promoting and enhancing pregnancy. 

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