Chinn GYN, LLC

Melissa Chinn

Meet Dr. Chinn, DO, FACOG

Dr. Melissa Chinn is a fun-loving woman who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She completed her medical training and residency in California and Nevada, respectively. Dr. Chinn is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, which means she was trained to take care of the PERSON within the PATIENT. Her approach is inherently integrative & truly holistic. Dr. Chinn believes it is hard to treat a condition without addressing its full context, and she knows that laughter truly is the best medicine. She approaches each situation with both her refreshing sense of humor and her tremendous compassion. She has been practicing since 2005 in the greater Seattle area. In 2019, she decided to focus her practice where her true passion lies: overall women's wellness and gynecology. Dr. Chinn prefers a practice model that addresses women as complete humans, and has therefore established Chinn GYN to allow her to tailor her practice uniquely to each individual. She hates being in the stirrups as much as you do, and so she intends to make your experience as painless as absolutely possible. 


Melissa Chinn

Meet Morghan Milagrosa, CNM,


Morghan was born and raised in rural Montana. She attended Swarthmore College for her undergraduate training in psychology and linguistics, and then she completed her graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. She has practiced in a wide variety of setting and locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, which she believes to truly be her home. She has served as faculty for University programs in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. One of the things that she finds most fulfilling about her career is having the opportunity to partner with others in their learning processes, which she sees as an integral and often absent facet of healthcare. She is deeply committed to her own lifelong learning. She joined Chinn GYN for its commitment to integrative care that is truly personal. She thinks of women's health as a discipline that should promote the health of the whole woman, not focus exclusively on her reproductive parts and functions. Her least favorite thing to do is get a pap smear.


Sarah Ekstein

Meet Sarah Ekstein, CMA

Sarah is an absolute delight of a woman who was born and raised in southern California. She found her way to the Pacific Northwest as a Navy spouse; she loved it so much she asked to come back.  Sarah has worked in a variety of settings in the role of the medical assistant since 2011. She found her way to women's care by serendipity and fell in love with the field. Sarah is committed to devoting her life's work to ensuring that the women she encounters receive the absolute best care possible from the moment they enter the clinic doors. She joined Chinn GYN because she believes deeply in the philosophy of care and because she loves working alongside these particular providers. From the time you walk into our clinic to the moment you exit, Sarah will literally and figuratively hold your hand.

Lexx Stenson

Meet Lexx Stenson

Lexx is a passionate fireball who is wildly in love with the world and furiously devoted to attempting to change the things she sees wrong in it.  For her, this includes the standard, unwavering, assembly-line provision of healthcare.  As a consumer of healthcare, Lexx values a personal approach that is complete in its consideration of her well-being.  She finds the one-size-fits-all approach of the typical medical model subpar, and she is proud to be a part of a revolutionary system that abandons the constraints of mass-marketed medicine and instead focuses on all facets of each individual woman who presents for care.  Lexx is deeply committed to understanding everyone's needs and to truly personalizing your experience. She is the vibrant heart of who we are; she will greet you with her beautiful, contagious smile in person and on the phone.