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Patients Love Dr. Chinn!

I have spent many years trying to find someone who would help.  I have been to many doctors and have had many bad experiences.  Dr. Chinn is the first doctor who took the time to truly understand my problem, and I left feeling like she cared and like she had actually listened. This shouldn't be a rarity in healthcare, but the sad fact is that the kind of care Dr. Chinn provides is extremely hard to find.

Claire, gynecology patient


We strive to provide each patient with an individually tailored women's care experience. We truly understand the personal nature of the care we provide and are committed to meeting the needs of each woman we serve. We will approach each encounter as a unique experience and each woman as a complex human being with her own unique array of needs, not as a number. We would like to offer each woman as much time as she needs to address her concerns and we will maintain a practice size that promotes her commitment to each individual. We are committed to a practice model that feels more like a friendship and functions as a partnership in which optimizing your health, function, and the life you have to live is the common goal. Our membership-based Primary Care Model is necessary to allow us to provide women with truly individualized, integrative care.  We will offer video visits for your convenience because we understand that your daily life has enough hassles.  Every treatment provided in our office will always be provided by a medical provider, not a delegated health professional.  This ensures that your comprehensive clinical picture is being taken into consideration and that you are receiving the most appropriate and complete treatment for your particular concern.  We do not put band-aids on problems.  We explore underlying causes and treat the symptoms along with the source of the concern. 

Patients Love Morghan!

I am so glad I scheduled an appointment with this clinic. Morghan Milagrosa was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and the office is so relaxing. I highly recommend this clinic. It has been a very long time since I have sat and talked with a provider about my "whole" person.

Kate, gynecology patient

Patients Love Chinn GYN!

How often do you hear that someone is EXCITED about their Gyno appointment? Not often? Never? Me either! Until now!!!

Where do I even start?! Chinn GYN is easily the best medical facility that I have ever stepped foot in! I wholeheartedly wish that every single woman on this planet could have access to the level and standard of care that this place provides!

From the initial phone call, to the appointment itself, I felt unconditionally cared for by the staff. It was so comfortable and I felt like I had known all of them forever!

Every part of the experience was transparent, from what was expected during the appointment to financial responsibilities! Something you don’t often get from other providers! They can provide you with a list of their services and costs associated with each! This is incredibly helpful, and stress relieving for those of us without insurance!

The staff all make you feel like THE most important person, and take the time to TRULY listen to you. I felt heard and comfortable throughout my entire visit! Not once did I feel rushed, or like the Doctor has somewhere else to be. This is top quality medical care, and I was blown away with the entire experience!

OH and might I add: They offer warm towels, and access to some pretty amazing services for after your annual exam 😍 Something that I have never experienced ANYWHERE else! These ladies care about their patients from the depths of their souls (it shows!!!) 

Jade, women's health patient